Stunning Works of Art Created With an Old Fashioned Manual Typewriter

He couldn’t grasp a pen or a pencil in his hands, his disorder made holding a paint brush impossible, and yet through sheer determination and perseverance he taught himself how to ‘paint’ and create beautiful works of art using a manual typewriter. Paul Smith passed away in 2007 at the ripe old age of 85 … Read more

How To Peel a Potato in Less Than 5 Seconds Without a Potato Peeler

There can’t be anything more mind numbing and boring than having to peel lots of potatoes. If peeling potatoes is a daily ritual you simply can’t escape then here’s a neat little trick that will greatly speed up the process in just a few easy-to-do steps – and you don’t need a potato peeler. Step … Read more

Many Times Bigger Than a Blue Whale… What Could Have Created This Sound?

In 1997, using special underwater microphones, scientists studying beneath the sea phenomena, recorded an extremely loud and low frequency sound. The sound was so loud that it was picked up by listening devices over 3,000 miles away from the source. From scientific data it was determined that the source of the sound was located somewhere … Read more

Five Mysterious Artifacts That Shouldn’t Really Exist… But They Do!

There are many ancient artifacts that have been found that according to orthodox science shouldn’t really exist, but they do. Take for example the stone spheres of Costa Rica. There are over 300 polished stone orbs that were first discovered in the 1930’s by workers who were clearing the jungle, These stone orbs date as … Read more

DIET or Regular Exercise… Which One is The More Important?

If you are trying to lose weight you’ll find that the advice that is always given is to combine an effective diet program with regular exercise. Some advice can be rather blunt – eat less and exercise more. The question that’s often asked is “which one is the more important – diet or regular exercise?”, … Read more