A Strange S.O.S Message: But When Help Arrived The Entire Ships Crew Was Found Dead

YouTube: Strange Mysteries

Mystery surrounding this creepy ghost ship still remains unsolved

In 1947 just after World War 2, near Indonesia an unknown ship was discovered adrift in the sea. Only moments earlier someone on the ship had tapped out a very chilling S.O.S message. The message was picked up by the British, Dutch and an American merchant ship, all three ships immediately began a search of the area for the stricken vessel.

6-03-07 ourang medan ship mystery 02

YouTube: Strange Mysteries

The S.O.S. message read:

“SOS Ourang Medan all officers including captain dead. Lying in chartroom and on bridge. Probably whole crew dead. SOS SOS I die”.

The first ship to find the Ourang Medan drifting in the sea was the American merchant ship the Silver Star. They tried to hail the sailors on board but there was no reply, so they sent in a boarding party to climb aboard the ship.

What they found on the deck was the stuff of nightmares, a chilling sight greeted them… the entire crew of the Ourang Medan was dead, lying on the ships deck face upwards, their eyes wide open, their mouths distorted in agony and the look of horror on their faces.

But what could have happened, an entire crew had perished?.. What caused this?.. even the ships dog was found lying dead with its face contorted.