Absolutely Breathtaking Trial Cycling: If You Hate Heights Don’t Watch This!

YouTube: GoPro

Trial cycling legend performs head spinning dangerous stunts that will have you gasping for breath

Filmed in picturesque Gran Canaria in Spain, this is absolutely breathtaking to watch. WARNING: If you hate heights this will make you feel queasy and dizzy and literally gasping for breath – guaranteed. Trial cycling legend Danny MacAskill performs unbelievably dangerous stunts across the rooftop’s of Gran Canaria.

Danny starts at the highest point and skillfully crosses all sorts of obstacles until he finally reaches the ocean, at one point he is riding along the top of a wall that can’t be more than 12″ inches wide, with a straight sheer drop on either side that would be fatal if he were to lose his balance.

I wouldn’t even crawl along the top with a safety harness attached – and there’s Danny calmly riding his trials bicycle with not a care in the world, just enjoying the sunshine and taking in the scenery!