Astronaut Claims Aliens HAVE Made Contact But it Has Been Covered-Up by NASA

YouTube: Top5s

These aliens have a technology far more sophisticated than ours and had they been hostile we wouldn’t be here now!

Who would you believe to be telling the truth, nameless faces from the NASA Space Agency or the highly respected American naval officer, aeronautical engineer and Apollo-14 astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell.

During his career Dr Mitchell said he was aware of several UFO visits to earth, that they had made contact with us but governments and NASA have hidden the truth, and that sources at NASA who have been in contact with these UFO’s described the aliens as “little people who look strange to us”

6-03-09 nasa cover-ups alien encounters 03

YouTube: Top5s

What’s more Dr Mitchell claims that these aliens have a technology far more sophisticated than ours, and had they been hostile towards us we wouldn’t be here now.

Naturally NASA refuted this saying “Dr Mitchell is a great American, but we do not share his opinions on this issue” – So who is telling the truth? Watch the video, what’s interesting is NASA’s attempt to cover-up the alien craft caught on live feed video outside the international space station.