Who in Their Right Mind is Going to Plant a BIG Slimy Jellyfish on Top of Their Head?

Come on now!! Who in their right mind is going to plant a huge slimy, slippery and ‘stingy’ jellyfish on top of their head and wear it proudly as a hat? Or a sombrero should I say, especially in the hot Peruvian sunshine. Well there is only one person who would do such a crazy stunt that’s guaranteed to go viral on YouTube.

Steve-O is as crazy as they come… but you gotta give it to this guy, he’s got some b*lls to do this. Just the thought of picking up and holding a jellyfish in your hands even for a second or two is enough to turn your stomach. Would I do it, absolutely NO WAY!!

Absolutely Breathtaking Trial Cycling: If You Hate Heights Don’t Watch This!

Filmed in picturesque Gran Canaria in Spain, this is absolutely breathtaking to watch. WARNING: If you hate heights this will make you feel queasy and dizzy and literally gasping for breath – guaranteed. Trial cycling legend Danny MacAskill performs unbelievably dangerous stunts across the rooftop’s of Gran Canaria.

Danny starts at the highest point and skillfully crosses all sorts of obstacles until he finally reaches the ocean, at one point he is riding along the top of a wall that can’t be more than 12″ inches wide, with a straight sheer drop on either side that would be fatal if he were to lose his balance.

Ex Fighter Pilot With Jetpack Chasing The Worlds Largest Passenger Plane

Spectacular film footage of two intrepid flyers flying in formation above and then on either side of the world’s largest passenger airplane the A380 jumbo jet. They are so close that at one point they are almost 12 feet away from touching the A380’s wing tips.

From a distance you would think they were two small fighter jets sent as escorts, they are in fact two jetmen, ex-fighter pilot Yves ‘Jetman’ Rossy and Vince Reffet, rigged out with jet-packs and no other protection other than a flight suit and helmet.

Police Threaten to Arrest Anyone Driving a Vehicle in NYC Snow Blizzard… Then This Happened?

When a massive snow blizzard hit the east coast, and New York City recorded the second biggest snow storm in its history with extremely hazardous road conditions, the police warned residents via the local news networks to stay at home with this threat…

“We never want to have to arrest someone in this situation, but we will arrest them if needed.” “If you’re just a civilian out driving you are subject to arrest, it’s as simple as that.”

But not everyone heeded the warning and stayed indoors over the weekend, some people had other ideas in mind. Casey Neistat and his friend

Rattlesnakes Snatched His Treasured Camera… But He Wasn’t Going to Leave Without it!

Seeing a big mound rattlesnakes slithering about in this pit of death is enough to make any sane person STOP, turn abouts and run. But not intrepid adventurer Mike Delaney, nope, he wanted to get up close and personal with these ‘rattlers’ with his GoPro video camera.

Determined to get some excellent video close-ups, and to disturb these rattlesnakes into lunging and attacking his camera, he attached his GoPro to a long stick and shoved it down the pit.

At first the rattlesnakes were curious at the intruder at the end of the long stick, then moments later they retaliated

So How do You Stop a Bike Thief?.. Electric Shock Him in The Buttocks Of Course

Two brothers set up a remote controlled electric shock bait bike prank to catch out unsuspecting thieves with hilarious results, although in one clip one bike thief avoided serious injury after he got zapped in the buttocks and the hands and literally somersaulted into a tree – every bit being caught on camera.

“What did you do buddy” one of the brothers shouts at the dazed bike thief who gets up and staggers off – he’ll no doubt have a few bruises to remind him that the next time he sees an unchained bike resting against a railing, it just might be booby trapped!

One of The Most Dangerous Extreme Sports in The World For Adrenaline Rush Junkies

Originally founded in France and using movements that were developed from military obstacle course training, Parkour also known as Freerunning is rapidly gaining popularity around the world and especially in America. It is also considered to be a very dangerous extreme sport and requires high levels of fitness and discipline.

The aim is to get from point A to point B in the quickest way possible. It encompasses several skills into one fluid set of movements, running, jumping, rolling, vaulting, swinging and climbing and any

Human Dolphin Performs Crazy Sea Acrobatics… Is This The Coolest Jetpack Ever?

Designed by Franky Zapata a French water sports enthusiast, this was first showcased at the jet ski world championships 2012 in China. Aptly named the Flyboard Water Jetpack,this water propulsion device allows you to jump and dive in and out of the water like a dolphin and perform all sorts of stunning acrobatics, and reaching heights of up to 12 meters in the air according to the official zapata-racing.com website.

I won’t bore you with any techie details or even attempt to explain how this device works, if you are a techie then go to the official website or look it up on wikipedia

Great White Shark Leaps Out of Shallow Waters and Beaches Itself Near Sunbathers

Cape Cod beachgoers got the shock of their lives when all of a sudden a great white shark leaped out of the shallow waters and beached itself, whilst nearby people were sunbathing and children were building sand castles.

According to eye witnesses the seven foot long male shark had been chasing a seagull, and in an attempt to catch the bird the shark jumped out of the water only to get itself stuck in the sand when the tide went out.

Lying on its back the shark began twisting and thrashing about trying to find its way back into the sea. In an effort to keep the shark alive, two beachgoers,

Giant Snake Eats Crocodile After Epic Five Hour Battle in Australia

In the northern part of Queensland, Australia, local residents watched a ten foot long snake thought to be a python, wrestling with a crocodile. The giant snake coiled itself around the crocodile in the waters at Lake Moondarra. The crocodile tried to break itself free from the snakes grip but the snake wouldn’t let go and its grip slowly tightened, slowly constricting the crocodile as the crocodile breathed out.

After a five hour long struggle the exhausted crocodile was dead. The snake then uncoiled itself and pulled its dead prey out of the water and began to eat it, swallowing it head first.

Ten Feet in Front is an Assault Rifle Pointed at His Chest… Then he Pulls The Trigger!

Physicist risks his own life to prove a scientific point, that the velocity of a bullet fired underwater will rapidly slow down and nose-dive within the first few feet of leaving the gun barrel. The hypothesis is that since water molecules are much closer together than air molecules they will create a much greater resistance, and will stop the bullet from reaching its target only a few feet away.

Andreas Wahl is considered to be something of a daredevil scientist who puts his trust in physics whilst risking his own life in dangerous scientific experiments. In this experiment Andreas is standing

Gangster Crab Wielding a Knife in its Claw and a Cute Pirate Cat Ready For Swashbuckling Action

Holding a sharp blue handled kitchen knife in his its left claw, this crab was not for messing with, slashing at the hand that was trying to grab hold of his weapon, the crab faced up to his attacker whilst continually backing away. Although this is only a short video, what we don’t know is how long it actually took for the man in the video to snatch the knife off the crab.

Many commenters didn’t find it funny at all and were annoyed that the man was harassing the crab in this manner, saying that the poor crab is terrified and that they would have loved to see the crab stab