Stunning Works of Art Created With an Old Fashioned Manual Typewriter

He couldn’t grasp a pen or a pencil in his hands, his disorder made holding a paint brush impossible, and yet through sheer determination and perseverance he taught himself how to ‘paint’ and create beautiful works of art using a manual typewriter.

Paul Smith passed away in 2007 at the ripe old age of 85 after having spent most of his life in a nursing home. From an early age he suffered from severe cerebral palsy and as a young child he wasn’t expected to live long, and because of his condition he wasn’t entitled to have an education, therefore he couldn’t read or write.

This Little Blind Dog Left Abandoned in a Heap of Trash Will Melt Your Heart

This heart wrenching story about a frightened little dog found living in a pile of trash will bring tears to your eyes. Completely covered in dirt and left abandoned in the corner of a trash heap her rescuers soon discovered that she was blind in both eyes. She was so terrified upon hearing the sound of friendly voices so close to her that she just sat there frozen and urinated out of fear.

Very gently they stroked her matted fur, they let her smell them for a little while to calm her, the poor little thing was in a wretched state and absolutely terrified. She was then wrapped in a soft

How To Peel a Potato in Less Than 5 Seconds Without a Potato Peeler

There can’t be anything more mind numbing and boring than having to peel lots of potatoes. If peeling potatoes is a daily ritual you simply can’t escape then here’s a neat little trick that will greatly speed up the process in just a few easy-to-do steps – and you don’t need a potato peeler.

Step 1 – Using a sharp knife cut a line all the way around the middle of each potato,.but don’t cut too deeply (only skin deep) and watch your fingers.

DIET or Regular Exercise… Which One is The More Important?

If you are trying to lose weight you’ll find that the advice that is always given is to combine an effective diet program with regular exercise. Some advice can be rather blunt – eat less and exercise more. The question that’s often asked is “which one is the more important – diet or regular exercise?”, and if you had to choose only one which should it be?

Is it better to hit the gym or go jogging for 30 minutes to burn them calories or should you cut down on snacking on chocolate, bingeing on bad foods and eat more salads?

These Mind Blowing Illusions Will Mess With Your Head… Guaranteed!

Before watching the video at the bottom of this page take a good look at the image just above. Your eyes and your brain are telling you that all the items sitting on the table are 3-dimensional objects, right?

Well, not quite! On the table you can see a red cup placed upside down on a piece of paper, a digital camera, a mirror, a Rubik’s cube, a baseball cap, a notebook and pen, and a framed photograph of a cat. Now here’s the catch… Only one of those objects is what it’s supposed to be, and everything else is an amazing illusion.

Is This The Worst Job in The World… Crocodile Trainer in Thailand?

In Asian countries such as Thailand, crocodile trainers are practically flirting with danger when they step into crocodile enclosures. Some of the dangerous stunts that these trainers perform to entertain tourists and locals earning just $10 a day, include kissing crocodile noses, putting their arms inside a crocodiles open mouth… And get this, even lying down in the mud right up close to a crocodile and placing their heads inside the crocs open jaws. What complete madness!

If YOU Only Drank Soda Every Day This is What Would Happen!

Nearly 50% of all Americans have at least one glass of sugary soda or pop every single day of the week. And most of these people would barely give it a second thought as to the damage or harm it’s doing them.

Coca-Cola won’t tell you!..they sell over 1.8 billion cans and bottles of the stuff every day – business is good, business is booming, as long as they are selling more bottles and cans that’s all that matters.

They’re not going to shoot themselves in the foot by telling you that their range of sugary carbonated drinks can damage your teeth, permanently. That you’ll put on weight

Every New Mother Should Learn This SIMPLE TRICK… 3 Seconds to Stop Your Baby Crying

Dr. Robert Hamilton is about to show you a simple but very effective way of calming down a crying baby. His patients kept on urging him to share his little secret with the rest of the world so that millions of mothers can benefit from his advice. Eventually he made this video and it practically went viral the minute it was uploaded to YouTube

His secret little technique (no longer a secret now) consists of four steps.

Arnold Scares The Bejesus Out of Fans! The Terminator is in Town Facing Down Competition

You gotta love this guy! He’s one of the big stars of cinema and alongside Sylvester Stallone he is one of Hollywood’s most popular ‘action movie’ stars. He has a massive fan base ranging from young kids to adults, and no matter what you may think of his acting ability, he has a heart of gold and he simply loves playing pranks on unsuspecting fans.

In this video, with the help of the make-up department, Arnold Schwarzenegger dresses up as the iconic human robot, the Terminator T-800, then he takes to the streets to delight and to frighten the

The Tallest Dog in The World!.. A Gigantic Rabbit and 8 More Abnormally Large Animals

Entered into the Guinness World Records as the biggest dog in the world is a Great Dane who goes by the name of Zeus. The Great Dane from Michigan is officially the tallest dog ever, practically the same size as an average donkey.

At the shoulders he was almost 112cm in height, and standing on his hind legs he was a whopping 7-feet and 4-inches tall. Although Zeus passed away just short of his 6th birthday (the average life expectancy for Great Danes is 6 to 8 years), his owners described him as being a gentle giant, he wouldn’t harm a fly and he absolutely

This Puppy Was Brutalized and Thrown 30 Feet Into a Dried up Canal

This is an amazing story of Jordan, a helpless puppy who had been physically abused and then thrown 30 feet into a dried out canal. Thankfully he had been spotted by eyewitnesses who reported what they’d seen to ‘Hope for Paws’ an animal rescue organization.

One of the rescuers had to clamber down a long ladder to get to him. The little puppy was sat motionless on an empty potato chips packet in a dry area of the canal bed. As he approached him, the puppy didn’t move, just stared hopelessly with his head bowed, you can hear his rescuer say to the others “It doesn’t look good”, then he gently strokes