Is There Life After Death? Scientific Evidence Strongly Suggests That There is!

The scientific evidence for reincarnation strongly suggests that it may infact be true. More than 50% of the inhabitants of this earth already believe in some form of reincarnation.

In this fascinating 9 minute video Walter Semkiw, MD and Jim Tucker, MD discuss the reincarnation research of the late Ian Stevenson, MD. The work began at the University of Virginia in the 1960’s, at that time Ian Stevenson was the chairman of the department of Psychiatry.

He spent 40 years of his life investigating stories from around the world of very young children who claimed to have memories of previous lives.

Astronaut Claims Aliens HAVE Made Contact But it Has Been Covered-Up by NASA

Who would you believe to be telling the truth, nameless faces from the NASA Space Agency or the highly respected American naval officer, aeronautical engineer and Apollo-14 astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell.

During his career Dr Mitchell said he was aware of several UFO visits to earth, that they had made contact with us but governments and NASA have hidden the truth, and that sources at NASA who have been in contact with these UFO’s described the aliens as “little people who look strange to us”

Archaeologists Discover 2,000 Year Old UFO Hieroglyphs Inside Ancient Egyptian Temple

The link between extraterrestrials and Ancient Egypt has been discussed and debated for many many years, especially the speculation surrounding the design and construction of the pyramids.

How were the Ancient Egyptians able to align all the pyramids so accurately without the help of a compass, all four corners of the pyramids are almost perfectly aligned with the four points of a compass. How were the Ancient Egyptians able to move such huge blocks of stone weighing between 2 – 20 tons each, the wheel hadn’t been invented yet, and its been estimated that almost 2.5 million

Did Aliens Save The Earth From Nuclear Meltdown at Chernobyl and Fukushima?

At precisely 1:23 am on April 26, 1986 a disaster which threatened the lives of all the population of Europe and Asia was beginning to unfold. The Chernobyl nuclear power plant reactors in Ukraine exploded and burst into flames. Fire crews were sent to the disaster zone in a desperate effort to control the blaze.

The explosion and the resulting fire was releasing large quantities of radioactive material into the atmosphere. This had to be brought under control rapidly to contain the radioactive

Many Times Bigger Than a Blue Whale… What Could Have Created This Sound?

In 1997, using special underwater microphones, scientists studying beneath the sea phenomena, recorded an extremely loud and low frequency sound. The sound was so loud that it was picked up by listening devices over 3,000 miles away from the source. From scientific data it was determined that the source of the sound was located somewhere west of the South American tip.

Played back at 16 times the original recorded speed the sound resembled what the scientist dubbed ‘the bloop’, and due to the unique low frequency signature marine scientists believe that the

Five Mysterious Artifacts That Shouldn’t Really Exist… But They Do!

There are many ancient artifacts that have been found that according to orthodox science shouldn’t really exist, but they do.

Take for example the stone spheres of Costa Rica. There are over 300 polished stone orbs that were first discovered in the 1930’s by workers who were clearing the jungle, These stone orbs date as far back as 300 BC, and range in size from a few centimeters to over two meters in diameter, and can weigh as much as 16 tons.

What is peculiar is that they are often found in clusters of up to 20, set out in geometric patterns such as rectangles,

Reincarnated?.. 3 Year Old Boy Remembers Being Killed and Solves His Own Murder

A three year old boy living in the Golan Heights region near the Syrian border suddenly had the locals chattering when he started telling people about his past life. At first his parents didn’t take this behavior seriously they simply put it down to him having a vivid imagination, it’s not unknown for children of this age to have imaginary friends they would talk to and play with.

But the story he kept repeating was a little more than some childhood fantasy, he said he remembered being murdered with an axe. Of course no one believed him, but he persisted in repeating his story and

So How Did The Titanic Sink?.. New Data is Reconstructed With Computer Generated Imagery

This is perhaps remembered as one of the worst maritime disasters in history. On the 14th April 1912 at around 11:40pm, the largest passenger liner of its day collided with an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean. The British ocean liner Titanic was on its maiden voyage traveling from Southampton to New York City and carrying some 2,200 passengers and crew.

Because of the ships unique design consisting of sixteen watertight hull compartments, the Titanic was considered to be unsinkable. Unfortunately on that fateful day, after having ignored six warnings

Mysterious ‘Floating City In The Sky’ Photographed Over China

A very mysterious ghost city appeared in the clouds above the cities of Foshan and Jiangxi in China. A local resident recorded this eerie video footage which only lasted a few minutes before disappearing. It was also witnessed by thousands of shocked people – a supernatural shadowy city with tall skyscrapers sitting on top of the clouds.

Local news networks and meteorological experts claim that the phenomena was nothing more than just a mirage, most likely a light-bending mirage known as a Fata Morgana.

But this explanation has not convinced everyone. Plenty of observers of the phenomena still

Something Out There is Eating 9 Foot Great White Sharks… But What?

Researches were tagging adult great white sharks in Australia to study their patterns of movements along the coast. In the process they tagged a healthy 9 foot female white shark they code named ‘shark alpha’, everything went very smoothly and she wasn’t distressed in any way.

Four months later a beach comber found shark alpha’s tag, it had washed ashore approximately two and a half miles from where the shark had been tagged. The data recovered reveals an incredible and yet mysterious story.

At 4-am on Christmas eve the shark dived rapidly 500 meters at high speed straight

A Strange S.O.S Message: But When Help Arrived The Entire Ships Crew Was Found Dead

In 1947 just after World War 2, near Indonesia an unknown ship was discovered adrift in the sea. Only moments earlier someone on the ship had tapped out a very chilling S.O.S message. The message was picked up by the British, Dutch and an American merchant ship, all three ships immediately began a search of the area for the stricken vessel.

The S.O.S. message read:

“SOS Ourang Medan all officers including captain dead. Lying in chartroom and on bridge. Probably whole crew dead. SOS SOS I die”.