Did Aliens Save The Earth From Nuclear Meltdown at Chernobyl and Fukushima?

YouTube: John J. Johnson

Hundreds of eye-witnesses watch UFO project two beams of crimson light at the burning reactor

At precisely 1:23 am on April 26, 1986 a disaster which threatened the lives of all the population of Europe and Asia was beginning to unfold. The Chernobyl nuclear power plant reactors in Ukraine exploded and burst into flames. Fire crews were sent to the disaster zone in a desperate effort to control the blaze.

The explosion and the resulting fire was releasing large quantities of radioactive material into the atmosphere. This had to be brought under control rapidly to contain the radioactive contamination, if not, there was the great risk that radioactive particles would eventually spread over much of Russia, Asia and Europe.

Several fire crews desperately trying to bring the fire under control in an attempt to avert a greater catastrophe but they were fighting a losing battle. Then something very unexpected happened and quite mysterious, so much so that it had been hushed up by the authorities for several years.

YouTube: John J. Johnson

According to eyewitnesses (and this has recently been reported in ‘Pravda’ the Russian national newspaper), at the time of the explosion and for up to six hours, hundreds of eye-witnesses saw a UFO that resembled a ball of fire hovering over the nuclear power plant.

At the moment when the blaze was at its fiercest and fire crews were unable to contain the fire, hundreds of witnesses claim to have seen the UFO project two beams of crimson light at the burning reactor for three minutes.

Within those three minutes an imminent catastrophe was averted, the UFO reduced the reactor radiation levels four times and prevented a nuclear blast.

This wasn’t the only time a nuclear catastrophe was averted… Something similar was witnessed more recently at the Fukushima nuclear disaster?