Big Dogs Scared to Walk Past Cats and Cats Scared of Cucumbers!

YouTube: happymedulla

What is it about cats that frightens dogs?

This video compilation will have you in fits of laughter. Dogs of all sizes, big and small absolutely terrified of walking past cats.

And what is it about Cucumbers that frightens cats?

What a funny world we live in, big dogs are scared of cats… and cats are scared of cucumbers! This compilation of video clips will have you in stitches.

Here’s a Quick Tip To Stop Your Dog From Chewing The Leash

Do you find that your dog goes crazy when you put the leash on, pulling and yanking and chewing on the lead? Even when you go on long walks is your dog constantly pulling you along, dragging you across the street and it just doesn’t stop – dragging, pulling, biting and chewing on the leash?

Well… here’s a little trick that will stop your dog from doing this and will correct this bad behavior very quickly.

This is only a temporary measure, put a little chain through your dogs collar so that the first two to three feet of the leash is now a chain, but your dog still has his comfortable soft fabric dog collar on. Your dog is still free to jump about, to pull on and to chew on the dog chain if he wants to.

There’s no need for you to shout at your dog, he will soon change his own behavior of his own free will after a few unpleasant bites and chews on the chain.

Then once your dog has changed his behavior, you can remove the chain and revert back to the old leash, and he will continue to walk nicely on the leash by your side.