Every New Mother Should Learn This SIMPLE TRICK… 3 Seconds to Stop Your Baby Crying

YouTube: Robert C. Hamilton, MD

How to calm your baby in seconds by following these 4 easy-to-do steps

Dr. Robert Hamilton is about to show you a simple but very effective way of calming down a crying baby. His patients kept on urging him to share his little secret with the rest of the world so that millions of mothers can benefit from his advice. Eventually he made this video and it practically went viral the minute it was uploaded to YouTube

His secret little technique (no longer a secret now) consists of four steps.

6-03-08 calm a crying baby 02

YouTube: Robert C. Hamilton, MD

Step 1 – Gently pick up the baby and fold the baby’s arms across the chest.

Step 2 – With your left hand secure the arms after they are folded. Position your hand so that you are holding the baby’s arms across the chest and also at the same time supporting the baby’s chin.

Step 3 – With your right hand gently grasp the diaper area so that the baby is sitting comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Step 4 – Hold the baby at a 45′ degree angle and gently rock the baby up and down and you can also gently shake the baby’s bottom.

That’s all there is to it… and the results are almost instantaneous – the baby stops crying. One final word of advice from Dr. Hamilton, this technique is effective on babies up to 3 months old, after 3 months they become a little too heavy to be held in the correct position.