Ex Fighter Pilot With Jetpack Chasing The Worlds Largest Passenger Plane

YouTube: 3D Systems

Extreme tailgating: two jet-men chase Airbus A380 ‘Super Jumbo’

Spectacular film footage of two intrepid flyers flying in formation above and then on either side of the world’s largest passenger airplane the A380 jumbo jet. They are so close that at one point they are almost 12 feet away from touching the A380’s wing tips.

From a distance you would think they were two small fighter jets sent as escorts, they are in fact two jet-men, ex-fighter pilot Yves ‘Jet-man’ Rossy and Vince Reffet, rigged out with jet-packs and no other protection other than a flight suit and helmet.

OK! so it’s just a commercial for Dubai’s Emirates airline, but still, you cannot but be impressed with the skill and fearlessness of these fliers.

The Making Of The Emirates Jetman Commercial

A huge amount of preparation went into the making of the Emirates jet-man commercial. At any one time there would be up to 4 aircraft and the 2 jet-men operating within confined airspace. Obviously, safety at all times was of the highest priority, and since the jet-men could only endure a maximum of 10 minutes flying at this altitude and at high power, there was little room for any mistakes.