Giant Snake Eats Crocodile After Epic Five Hour Battle in Australia

YouTube: Barcroft TV

Ten foot long snake thought to be a python wrestles with a crocodile at Lake Moondarra in Queensland

In the northern part of Queensland, Australia, local residents watched a ten foot long snake thought to be a python, wrestling with a crocodile. The giant snake coiled itself around the crocodile in the waters at Lake Moondarra. The crocodile tried to break itself free from the snakes grip but the snake wouldn’t let go and its grip slowly tightened, slowly constricting the crocodile as the crocodile breathed out.

After a five hour long struggle the exhausted crocodile was dead. The snake then uncoiled itself and pulled its dead prey out of the water and began to eat it, swallowing it head first. Local residents who were watching and photographing the incident said it took the Python some fifteen minutes to devour the whole crocodile but didn’t stick around to see what happened next.