Great White Shark Leaps Out of Shallow Waters and Beaches Itself Near Sunbathers

YouTube: Mike Bartel

Amazing footage of stranded great white shark being rescued by beachgoers at Cape Cod

Cape Cod beachgoers got the shock of their lives when all of a sudden a great white shark leaped out of the shallow waters and beached itself, whilst nearby people were sunbathing and children were building sand castles.

According to eye witnesses the seven foot long male shark had been chasing a seagull, and in an attempt to catch the bird the shark jumped out of the water only to get itself stuck in the sand when the tide went out.

6-03-08 beached white shark 03b

YouTube: Mike Bartel

Lying on its back the shark began twisting and thrashing about trying to find its way back into the sea. In an effort to keep the shark alive, two beachgoers, one on either side of the shark and standing at a safe distance, started throwing buckets of sea water over the shark.

Eventually the marine officials turned up and attached a rope to the sharks tail and managed to pull it back into the sea.