If YOU Only Drank Soda Every Day This is What Would Happen!

YouTube: AsapSCIENCE

They’re not going to tell you that their range of sugary drinks can damage your teeth, permanently!.. And you’ll pile on weight

Nearly 50% of all Americans have at least one glass of sugary soda or pop every single day of the week. And most of these people would barely give it a second thought as to the damage or harm it’s doing them.

Coca-Cola won’t tell you!..they sell over 1.8 billion cans and bottles of the stuff every day – business is good, business is booming, as long as they are selling more bottles and cans that’s all that matters.

They’re not going to shoot themselves in the foot by telling you that their range of sugary carbonated drinks can damage your teeth, permanently. That you’ll put on weight – depending of course on how much soda/pop you drink daily, but if you were to replace the recommended 8 glasses of water per day for cola then you’re consuming an additional 5,432 calories every week?

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YouTube: AsapSCIENCE

But what’s even scarier is that these sugary drinks increase the body’s liver fat thereby increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. And this doesn’t just apply to Coca Cola. If you think that changing your favorite brand of soda for another one is the answer, you are wrong!

So, what if you only drank soda every day. Well one healthy woman did just that, and she had to be hospitalized …