Is This The Worst Job in The World… Crocodile Trainer in Thailand?

YouTube: JAMES CONNER television

You have to be psychologically deranged to stick your head inside a crocodile’s razor sharp jaws

In Asian countries such as Thailand, crocodile trainers are practically flirting with danger when they step into crocodile enclosures.

Some of the dangerous stunts that these trainers perform to entertain tourists and locals earning just $10 a day, include kissing crocodile noses, putting their arms inside a crocodiles open mouth… And get this, even lying down in the mud right up close to a crocodile and placing their heads inside the crocs open jaws. What complete madness!

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YouTube: JAMES CONNER television

Why do people do such things? I think most sane people would agree with me that you would have to have a death wish or be psychologically deranged to stick your head inside a crocodile’s razor sharp jaws and hope for the best… All for $10 per day?

Another job that rates as being one of the worst in the world, but for an entirely different reason is that of a sewer cleaner in lesser developed countries.

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YouTube: JAMES CONNER television

They clean up human waste with no protective gear or clothing, they go down these stinky ‘sewage smelling’ manholes and stand in the stuff waist deep literally naked! The only item of clothing they wear is a pair of underpants!

Watch this video and see if you agree if these are the 12 Worst Jobs In The World.

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