Mobile Video Captures a Dead Child Showing His Love For His Grieving Mother

prank pranker via YouTube

Mothers last moment with her dead child’s spirit

How do you explain this? This amazing video footage has had people commenting “god is amazing…deep condolences” and “May God give peace to heart of this mother”.

It appears that a dead child holding a balloon slowly walks over to his mom who is crying and gives her a final hug? You don’t see the child but you do see one floating balloon traveling to where the mother is seated and floating around the mother.

The other balloons are sitting on the ceiling just above the child’s coffin? You can visibly see the mother becoming more distraught as the balloon refuses to leave her and you can hear her talk to the spirit of her child holding the balloon beside her “I love you”!

(This video is currently unavailable)

prank pranker via YouTube

Mom texts her dead son to help her cope with grief… Then gets a text back?

During a high speed chase in May 2015 Taylor Thyfault a trooper cadet was killed in a head on collision car accident. Since that moment his distraught mother was texting him on his old phone, it was her way of dealing with her grief… then she gets a text back?