Something Out There is Eating 9 Foot Great White Sharks… But What?

Researches were tagging adult great white sharks in Australia to study their patterns of movements along the coast. In the process they tagged a healthy 9 foot female white shark they code named ‘shark alpha’, everything went very smoothly and she wasn’t distressed in any way. Four months later a beach comber found shark alpha’s … Read more

Absolutely Breathtaking Trial Cycling: If You Hate Heights Don’t Watch This!

Filmed in picturesque Gran Canaria in Spain, this is absolutely breathtaking to watch. WARNING: If you hate heights this will make you feel queasy and dizzy and literally gasping for breath – guaranteed. Trial cycling legend Danny MacAskill performs unbelievably dangerous stunts across the rooftop’s of Gran Canaria. Danny starts at the highest point and … Read more

This Puppy Was Brutalized and Thrown 30 Feet Into a Dried up Canal

This is an amazing story of Jordan, a helpless puppy who had been physically abused and then thrown 30 feet into a dried out canal. Thankfully he had been spotted by eyewitnesses who reported what they’d seen to ‘Hope for Paws’ an animal rescue organization. One of the rescuers had to clamber down a long … Read more