Police Threaten to Arrest Anyone Driving a Vehicle in NYC Snow Blizzard… Then This Happened?

YouTube: CaseyNeistat

Police warned residents via the local news networks to stay at home, these two daredevils had other ideas

When a massive snow blizzard hit the east coast, and New York City recorded the second biggest snow storm in its history with extremely hazardous road conditions, the police warned residents via the local news networks to stay at home with this threat…

“We never want to have to arrest someone in this situation, but we will arrest them if needed.” “If you’re just a civilian out driving you are subject to arrest, it’s as simple as that.”

But not everyone heeded the warning and stayed indoors over the weekend, some people had other ideas in mind. Casey Neistat and his friend Jessee Wellens put on their ski gear, and recorded an amazing snowboarding experience down the new york city streets. With the help of GoPro cameras and a drone they were able to capture some incredible film footage.

6-03-08 snowboarding new york city 06

YouTube: CaseyNeistat

The craziest thing of all, someone reported them to the police and when the police caught up with them you can overhear them saying “Someone complained about you, so we’re just going to act like we’re talking to you, all-right?” and that was that, the police then let them go, obviously they saw the fun side of it.