Rattlesnakes Snatched His Treasured Camera… But He Wasn’t Going to Leave Without it!

YouTube: Michael Delaney

With ‘hundreds’ of rattlers slithering about in the deadly pit, how can he rescue his camera?

Seeing a big mound rattlesnakes slithering about in this pit of death is enough to make any sane person STOP, turn abouts and run. But not intrepid adventurer Mike Delaney, nope, he wanted to get up close and personal with these ‘rattlers’ with his GoPro video camera.

Determined to get some excellent video close-ups, and to disturb these rattlesnakes into lunging and attacking his camera, he attached his GoPro to a long stick and shoved it down the pit.

At first the rattlesnakes were curious at the intruder at the end of the long stick, then moments later they retaliated (wow these snakes can really move fast) and Mike’s treasured camera got snake bitten and fell into the pit. That’s when the fun begins – watch how Mike tries to rescue his GoPro from ‘hundreds’ of rattlers with only a short hockey stick.

Severed rattlesnake head is still alive?

6-03-09 rattle snake head 03

YouTube: Stagg Everhart

This is a really creepy, you’d expect a rattlesnake minus a head to be dead. Makes sense doesn’t it? ‘No head and you’re dead’… NOT QUITE TRUE!.. not with snakes anyway – watch this video and see what happens…