Reincarnated?.. 3 Year Old Boy Remembers Being Killed and Solves His Own Murder

YouTube: Prince Entertainment

Three year old boy solves his own murder?.. If you don’t believe in reincarnation YOU will after you see this

A three year old boy living in the Golan Heights region near the Syrian border suddenly had the locals chattering when he started telling people about his past life. At first his parents didn’t take this behavior seriously they simply put it down to him having a vivid imagination, it’s not unknown for children of this age to have imaginary friends they would talk to and play with.

But the story he kept repeating was a little more than some childhood fantasy, he said he remembered being murdered with an axe. Of course no one believed him, but he persisted in repeating his story and eventually took the village elders to the exact spot where he said he was buried after being murdered.

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YouTube: Prince Entertainment

Moments later the villagers began digging at that exact spot and discovered a skeleton, and quite mysteriously what appeared to be an axe mark in the center of the skull corresponded with a red birth mark on the boys forehead.

But it gets even more interesting, No sooner had they discovered the skeleton the boy then leads the villagers to another spot, to where the axe was buried.

He then takes them to a nearby village and confronts his murderer…