So How do You Stop a Bike Thief?.. Electric Shock Him in The Buttocks Of Course

YouTube: BuzzPranks

This is what happens when unsuspecting bike thieves tried to steal this particular bicycle

Two brothers set up a remote controlled electric shock bait bike prank to catch out unsuspecting thieves with hilarious results, although in one clip one bike thief avoided serious injury after he got zapped in the buttocks and the hands and literally somersaulted into a tree – every bit being caught on camera.

“What did you do buddy” one of the brothers shouts at the dazed bike thief who gets up and staggers off – he’ll no doubt have a few bruises to remind him that the next time he sees an unchained bike resting against a railing, it just might be booby trapped!

In another clip, after the bike thief gets zapped he jumps off the bike, picks it up and tries to run off with it, seconds later one of the brothers is chasing him down the street.