Something Out There is Eating 9 Foot Great White Sharks… But What?

YouTube: Smithsonian Channel

Mystery of the great white shark… Was it eaten whole by a sea monster?

Researches were tagging adult great white sharks in Australia to study their patterns of movements along the coast. In the process they tagged a healthy 9 foot female white shark they code named ‘shark alpha’, everything went very smoothly and she wasn’t distressed in any way.

Four months later a beach comber found shark alpha’s tag, it had washed ashore approximately two and a half miles from where the shark had been tagged. The data recovered reveals an incredible and yet mysterious story.

At 4-am on Christmas eve the shark dived rapidly 500 meters at high speed straight down the edge of a continental shelf. As the shark plunged deeper and deeper into colder waters the tag recorded a sudden temperature change. Within seconds there was a temperature shift from 46′ to 78′ fahrenheit?

Researches where completely baffled by this and say that such a temperature shift could only happen if the shark was inside the belly of another living animal… but what?.. What was big enough to swallow a 9 foot great white shark in a matter of seconds?