Ten Feet in Front is an Assault Rifle Pointed at His Chest… Then he Pulls The Trigger!

YouTube: NRK Viten

To prove a scientific point ‘daredevil’ physicist fires weapon under water – his own life is on the line

Physicist risks his own life to prove a scientific point, that the velocity of a bullet fired underwater will rapidly slow down and nose-dive within the first few feet of leaving the gun barrel.

The hypothesis is that since water molecules are much closer together than air molecules they will create a much greater resistance, and will stop the bullet from reaching its target only a few feet away.

Andreas Wahl is considered to be something of a daredevil scientist who puts his trust in physics whilst risking his own life in dangerous scientific experiments. In this experiment Andreas is standing in a swimming pool with his arms raised and his head just above the water level.

6-03-07 gun fired underwater 03

YouTube: NRK Viten

Approximately 9′ – 10′ feet in front of him, and standing on a tripod pointing at his chest is an assault rifle. Holding a piece of string in his left hand which is attached to the guns trigger Andreas starts the count down, then fires the weapon at himself…