This Little Blind Dog Left Abandoned in a Heap of Trash Will Melt Your Heart

YouTube: Hope For Paws

Heartwarming Story of a Homeless Blind Dog Who is Rescued and Given The Gift of Sight

This heart wrenching story about a frightened little dog found living in a pile of trash will bring tears to your eyes. Completely covered in dirt and left abandoned in the corner of a trash heap her rescuers soon discovered that she was blind in both eyes. She was so terrified upon hearing the sound of friendly voices so close to her that she just sat there frozen and urinated out of fear.

Very gently they stroked her matted fur, they let her smell them for a little while to calm her, the poor little thing was in a wretched state and absolutely terrified. She was then wrapped in a soft towel and taken to her new home.

Eldad and Audrey Hagar the couple who saved Fiona, are also the founders of ‘Hope For Paws’ a Los Angeles based animal rescue organization. They immediately went to work, shaving off her flea infested fur and cleaning her up with a warm shower. But this is only the beginning of the story!

After visiting the vet their worst fears were confirmed, Fiona was 100% blind in both eyes, but there was a chance that vision could be restored to one eye.

This is the most heart warming video you will see this year. It will make you cry with heartbreak and cry with joy. The little blind dog who has captured the hearts of so many people from around the world.