Who in Their Right Mind is Going to Plant a BIG Slimy Jellyfish on Top of Their Head?

YouTube: steveo

You gotta give it to this guy, he’s got some b*lls to do this..!

Come on now!! Who in their right mind is going to plant a huge slimy, slippery and ‘stingy’ jellyfish on top of their head and wear it proudly as a hat? Or a sombrero should I say, especially in the hot Peruvian sunshine. Well there is only one person who would do such a crazy stunt that’s guaranteed to go viral on YouTube.

Steve-O is as crazy as they come… but you gotta give it to this guy, he’s got some b*lls to do this. Just the thought of picking up and holding a jellyfish in your hands even for a second or two is enough to turn your stomach. Would I do it, absolutely NO WAY!!

6-03-09 jellyfish sombrero 02

YouTube: steveo

On the other hand I don’t really see that many jellyfish on my escapades, but the one time I did it was a Portuguese Man O’ War that had washed ashore and a little Spanish kid was poking it with a long stick, I don’t think Steve-O would attempt planting a Portuguese Man O’ War on his head.

According to peruthisweek.com, the sting from many of the jellyfish found in the Peruvian waters can be unpleasant but not serious, ie. they can cause irritation in the skin and you can develop a red rash that itches and possibly even blisters, but it’s only on the surface.

Still it’s crazy and funny to watch!